One of the best things about knitting today is the online community found on ravelry.

It isn’t just the best resource for patterns, yarn information, and all things knitting (there are other crafts too but I haven’t explored them yet), but it’s populated with the friendliest, most talented people you could ever virtually meet.

I can spend hours browsing through other people’s projects, and inevitably will find people whose aesthetic I admire and projects I wish to follow. One of these, Sandrine C., has released her second design and kindly asked if I’d like to test the pattern.

As I had already fallen in love with her beautiful cowl the answer was of course “Yes!”

pattern: Dune by Sandrine C.

yarn: Tanis Fiberarts Green Label Aran Weight in Sand

ravelry details here.

Of course it was a pleasure to knit and the pattern is a wonderful mix of textures with two stunning featured cables. I think it looks great in deeply saturated colours and the more subdued tones I chose.

The yarn deserves special mention as it is just gorgeous, so soft yet resilient, beautifully dyed with subtle shades of cream, grey and taupe…

Time will tell but I think it’s going to be quite durable too as I frogged it several times (casting on when tired, never a good idea) and there was no sign of wear, and despite being superwash it didn’t grow significantly even after a spin in the machine, just sprang right back into shape when dry!

I feel a new yarn addiction coming on…